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Knowledge Test:

You will undertake a multi-choice test to last a maximum of 60 minutes and include 50 equally weighted multi-choice questions with four possible answers each. The assessment should typically be passed before the you progress to the interview and presentation. The test is to be completed online and requires invigilating.


Portfolio-based Interview:

The interview is for 30-45 minutes and scored out of 100 by the Independent Endpoint Assessment Organisation (EPAO). The Portfolio of Learning provides a structure for this conversation.

The Portfolio should provide at least one piece of evidence for each of the minimum KSBs outlined in the Assessment Methods and Grading annexed table.

This should be submitted to the EPAO a month prior to interview.

Evidence is gathered on-programme and the employer should facilitate this through relevant tasks and support, as outlined in the annexed table.

We will provide support where needed. Your employer and ourselves will review the Portfolio with you and make a judgement on whether they should be progressed to EPA.

The interview assesses understanding and learning shown in the Portfolio; the Portfolio is not directly assessed.

The interview assesses:

  • understanding of the portfolio to validate competence shown
  • self-reflection of performance, demonstrating knowledge and how appropriate skills and behaviours have been applied
  • judgement and understanding to explain appropriate examples. The Portfolio of Learning contains evidence of:
  • a minimum of 8-12 pages is expected for consistency
  • at least one of each of the minimum knowledge, skills and behaviours as outlined in the annexed Methods and Grading table
  • practical observation and/or evaluation by the employer to be included, such as acknowledgement of a skill shown or evidencing work completed on a particular project with manager comments, which is then discussed at interview
  • Note: the portfolio is not directly assessed; it is used to frame discussion at interview, where KSBs are to be demonstrated.



Project Overview:

Project Presentation


You will deliver a presentation to the EPAO on a project you have completed or a process you have improved. The presentation lasts 10-15 minutes, with a further 10-15 minutes for a Q&A session. The presentation is out of 100. The project is completed from month 9 of the apprenticeship and should be completed prior to EPA being triggered. The project is submitted to the EPAO and they provide a question to answer in the presentation, for example:

  • How have you improved a process or operating practice?
  • What were the steps you took to implement the project?
  • What worked well and how would you improve the results in future?


The presentation should summarize the aim, outcome and responsibilities of the KSBs shown in the project. The presentation should demonstrate how you approached a task and the skills shown in doing so, building towards how you would improve the results going forward. 


The presentation is expected to be produced using Microsoft Office PowerPoint or Prezi, demonstrating a minimum level of IT skills. 


Further requirements: 

  • A project or process improvement should account for 21-35 working hours, over the apprenticeship, to adequately apply yourself
  • Must be work-based; incorporating scoping, planning, managing, communicating to stakeholders, monitoring and reporting results
  • You must choose the project/process improvement with the guidance of the employer and training provider

The Project Presentation must contain evidence of a work-based project or a process you have improved that has been completed from month 9 of your apprenticeship onwards. The Project should account for 21-35 of your working hours during this period. It should incorporate scoping, planning, managing, communicating to stakeholders, monitoring and reporting results.

You should choose a project or process improvement with guidance from your employer and Independent Training Provider (ITP).

There are 8 learning areas to cover in the Project as listed below. These should then be summarised in the Presentation.

  • Processes
  • Decision Making
  • Planning & Organisation
  • Project Management
  • Personal Qualities
  • Managing Performance
  • Adaptability
  • Responsibility

     The Project                              The Project should include:

  • Introduction and background to project
  • Outline project or process
  • Your role and responsibilities within the project or process improvement
  • Aims and objectives
  • Evidence of research, consultation and engagement of relevant stakeholders
  • Evidence of effect management of resources, logistics and meetings
  • Decision making and identification of measurable improvements and benefits to the organisation
  • Identification of cost savings and improvement

The Project could be structured as follows:

  • Introduction and Background
  • Aims and Objectives
  • Research, consultation and resources
  • Project implementation / process improvement
  • Conclusions and Outcomes

There is no set length or size of the Project, however, it must be concise and clear. An average size would be 8-12 pages.

     The Presentation  The Project itself is not assessed but must be uploaded at Gateway

to allow your IEPA time to review it before your Presentation. Your IEPA will provide you with a question that should be answered in your Presentation, for example:

  • What worked well and how would you improve the results in future?
  • What was your biggest challenge and why?
  • Which stakeholders did you involve and why – what was their impact onyour Project?

Your IEPA will provide you with your question 5 working days before your Presentation takes place.

You are expected to produce the Presentation using Microsoft Office PowerPoint or Prezi to demonstrate a minimum level of IT skills; this Presentation will take place on our online Platform, SEPA.  Your IEPA will also be assessing your communication skills during your Presentation.

You will be required to deliver a 10-15 minute Presentation which:

  • describes the objectives and outputs of your Work-Based Project
  • demonstrates how you have approached the task, including dealing with any issues, and the skills shown in doing so
  • shows how you would improve results going forward
  • answers the question provided by your IEPA
  • explains the skills used to complete a project or process improvement including:
  • Planning and organisation, including resources and logistics
  • Project management, including the use of project management tools
  • Demonstrating quality standards
  • Decision making using a range of information to make judgements
  • Interpersonal skills

Following your Presentation there will be a 10–15 minute Q & A session to allow your IEPA to explore your broader experiences in order to confirm that the knowledge, skills and behaviours defined in the standard have been met.

Your Project is not directly assessed by the IEPA; it will, however, form the basis for your Presentation



Responsibilities: The training provider and employer are responsible for supporting the apprentice on what could be a suitable project or process improvement, in line with guidance from the EPAO.  


Core KSBs: The presentation focuses on the skills required to complete a project or process improvement include planning and organisation, project management, demonstrating quality standards and decision making in prioritising areas of focus. Evidencing these skills in the presentation is coupled with effective communication in delivery.        

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