As a training company much of JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD’s work surrounds interactions between people. JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD recognises that valuable lessons can be learned from critical feedback from stakeholders. Feedback about programmes and services offered by JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD is encouraged, and would not normally be viewed as a complaint unless specific action was requested. In some cases, however, stakeholders may feel they have experienced unreasonable treatment, disadvantage or distress which they may want to make a complaint about. In this JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD context the definition of a complaint is a statement expressing dissatisfaction made to a manager or other person in authority within JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD that requires action or response.

Aim of the Policy

To provide a framework and guidance for JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD staff on the handling of complaints. To outline the procedures to be followed when a complaint is received to ensure all complaints are responded to in a timely and appropriate manner. JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD will aim to resolve any complaint and to find ways to eliminate areas of dissatisfaction.


  • Complaints of a more serious/ delicate nature, such as complaints of victimisation, unlawful discrimination or harassment will be dealt with at a senior level.
  • Complaints that could lead to a finding of misconduct or disciplinary action being taken against a staff member will be handled at a senior level.
  • All parties to a complaint will be informed of the complaint.
  • JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD will not usually accept anonymous complaints; possible exceptions include where matters involve allegations of corruption or safeguarding issues that require assistance/advice
  • Complaints will be responded to within a reasonable time frame.
  • Staff will ensure that they have no conflict of interest or bias and if they feel this is so they should excuse themselves from any investigation of the complaint.
  • Confidentiality will be respected within the constraints of the need to investigate the complaint.

 Policy Statement

JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD is committed to providing a learning and working environment in which complaints are responded to promptly. JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD views complaints as an opportunity to review and improve its policies and practices, and also to gain insights into levels of satisfaction.

Roles and Responsibilities

The responsibility for implementing this procedure shall lie with the director of JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD.

Informal Stage

In the first instance the member of staff involved should attempt to resolve the problem informally by talking with the complainant. If the complaint cannot be resolved informally to the satisfaction of the complainant, then the formal procedure should be followed.

Formal Stage

  1. A letter of complaint (either on paper or by email) will be accepted. Telephone complaints will also be taken, and scribed by a member of staff.
  2. On receipt of the complaint details will be passed to the management of JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD. Within 3 days.
  3. The management team will send details of the complaint to the staff member involved.
  4. Upon receipt of the complaint the staff member and management team will try and resolve the complaint to the satisfaction of the complainant.
  5. If the complaint is not resolved at the stage the complainant has the right of appeal.


  1. Upon receipt of a notice of appeal by the complainant against a decision made at the formal stage, a staff member will inform the Director of the company.
  2. The Director will consider the appeal and reply within 10 days.


Unless the complaint goes to an appeal then the complainant should be informed within 20 working days of the result of the complaint.

Follow Up

If the complainant does not write to appeal against the response within 4 weeks of receiving a reply, we will assume that the complainant is happy with the response and close the complaint.

Policy Scope

This policy applies to complaints made by any learner, parent, employer or other stakeholder using the services of JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD.




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