JC Training and Consultancy Ltd was established in 2016 to ensure that training opportunities were made available to all that wish to engage with learning and apprenticeships whilst providing high quality teaching, learning and assessment.



JC Training ensure that

  • We utilise all types of employer engagement to provide transparent services to all.
  • We conduct employer centred Organisational Needs Analysis
  • Only relevant options are offered to employers that are suitable for the organisation and potential learners.
  • Employers are advised of all funding criteria and employer commitment as well as legal obligations involved with training options.


JC Training and Consultancy have enhanced understanding of jobs and careers to broad and raise career aspirations and understanding of personal routes into different occupations (and the realism of such career ambitions), enabling leaners to better navigate progression through education, informing decision-making on what to study, where to study, and how hard to study—improving understanding of the purposes of education and qualifications. 




JC Training and Consultancy work to ensure our Employer Engagement practices are efficient and effective which includes:


  • Creating a strategy for employer engagement, communicated to operations, implementors and stakeholder that promotes collaboration, innovation and enterprise.
  • Establish and train staff ineffective use of Customer Relationship Management.
  • Assist Employers in Understanding Apprenticeship, Adult Education, Apprenticeship Reforms and Responsibilities offering a total solution to businesses.
  • Develop sector targeted campaigns to ensure promotional material is tailored to employers needs and interests.
  • Ensure that staff fully understand sector specific requirements, regulations and language to ensure knowledgeable training proposals.
  • Promote and deliver products and services that are relevant and meet both current and projected industry and sector needs.
  • Listen carefully to what employer’s individual business and workforce development needs are and work collaboratively to find realistic solutions that fit their requirements.
  • Support employers to complete a full training or organisational needs analysis. Provide accurate and up to date advice and guidance regarding the skills solutions available and where appropriate, signpost employers to where they can access additional support or training.
  • Encourage the employer to involve their employees when looking at the training and development needs for their workforce. This is not only good practice but makes the learner feel valued and can help them to see the investment the employer is putting into them by re-training or upskilling.
  • Fully support the trainers and tutors to set up the delivery in a smooth and efficient manner.
  • Sustain relationships with employers by keeping in touch, asking them to attend business networking events that we may organise, keeping them informed of any new projects or services we can provide to create opportunities for repeat business.


Continual Practice:


JC Training and Consultancy will continue to extend and develop identified specialist areas of training through continual review of the curriculum offer considering National changes to courses available and the needs of the cohort.


JC Training and Consultancy will use a range of Employer Engagement methods with all methods complying with practice policy.


  • Direct Contact
  • LEP contact
  • Networking
  • Lead Generation Organisation

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