Health and Safety Policy


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  1. STATEMENT OF HEALTH & SAFETY POLICY                       3




  1. OBJECTIVES                                                                                    3


  1. SCOPE                                                                                               4


  1. RESPONSIBILITIES                                                                        4


5.1 DIRECTORS                                                                                          4

5.2 MANAGERS                                                                                          4

5.3 EMPLOYEES/ASSOCIATES                                                                5

5.4 LEARNERS                                                                                            5

  1. ARRANGEMENTS AND TRAINING PROVISION                         6


6.1 VISITORS                                                                                                6

6.2 INDUCTION                                                                                            6

6.3 DISPLAYING SAFETY NOTICES                                                         6



6.6 FIRST AID PROVISION                                                                           6

6.7 USE OF DISPLAY SCREEN EQUIPMENT (DSE)                                  6

6.8 MANUAL HANDLING OPERATIONS                                                    6

6.9 LONE WORKING                                                                                       6

6.10 VIOLENCE AND STRESS AT WORK                                                    6

6.11 ALCOHOL AND SUBSTANCE MISUSE                                                6

6.12 BULLYING AND HARASSMENT                                                          7

6.13 WORKPLACE ENVIRONMENT                                                             7

6.14 ELECTRICAL SAFETY                                                                             7

6.15 WORK EQUIPMENT                                                                                7





7.1 HEALTH AND SAFETY INSPECTIONS                                              7

7.2 RISK ASSESSMENTS                                                                             7


  1. CHANGES TO THE POLICY                                                            7







It is the policy of JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD to comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, and relevant legislation.  Our aim is to keep employees and others affected by our work, informed of our responsibilities and procedures for ensuring that JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD is a healthy and safe place of work.


JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD is committed to continually improving standards in all aspects of our work, including health, safety, welfare and fire prevention.


It is our policy to safeguard so far as is reasonably practicable the health and safety of our employees, learners and others working in or visiting our premises, who may be subject to risk from our activities.  

 JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD objectives of the Health and Safety Policy are: -

  • to promote standards of health and safety and welfare that comply fully with the

requirements of any relevant statutory provisions;

  • to develop health and safety awareness and individual responsibility for health and safety among employees, learners and key stakeholders at all levels;
  • to encourage full effective consultation on health and safety matters;
  • to prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health;
  • to maintain safe and healthy working conditions;
  • to provide all employees, learners and associates with the information, instruction, training and supervision they need to work safely and efficiently.



The following terms will have the following meaning throughout this document;


‘Competent Person’ means a person who, having regard to the task he or she is required to perform and taking account of the size or hazards (or both of them) of the undertaking or establishment in which he or she undertakes work, possesses sufficient training, experience and knowledge appropriate to the nature of the work to be undertaken


‘Directors’ means the directors of JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD


‘DSE User’ means any Employee who is a user of display screen equipment, which is also referred to as Visual Display Unit (VDU). Display screen equipment includes, all lap tops and desk top systems.


‘HSE’ means the Health and Safety Executive


‘Reasonably Practicable’ means, that JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD has exercised all due care by putting in place the necessary protective and preventive measures, having identified the hazards and assessed the risks to safety and health likely to result in accidents or injury to health at the place of work concerned and where the putting in place of any further measures is grossly disproportionate having regard to the unusual, unforeseeable and exceptional nature of any circumstance or occurrence that may result in an accident at work or injury to health at that place of work.’



The main objective of the health and safety policy is to document JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD commitment to continuous improvement and to achieving the highest standards of occupational health and safety throughout the organisation. 


Our key objectives include;

  • Comply with and, where appropriate, exceed the requirements of relevant Health and Safety legislation;
  • Incorporate health and safety assessments into business planning;
  • Initiate employee and business efforts to improve health and safety standards;
  • Routinely review our operations for the purpose of making necessary improvements in health & safety standards;
  • Work in partnership with suppliers to ensure that goods and services take account of our commitment to health and safety.
  1. SCOPE

This policy applies to all employees, learners and associates.




The JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY Directors are responsible for the Health and Safety policies of the organisation however, all employees, learners and associates should take responsibility to not endanger their own health and safety nor put others at risk and should follow safe working practices at all times.


Lines of Responsibilities:

Directors: -


  • Ensure that appropriate policy proposals are made to the Management Team;
  • Apply adopted policies and monitor JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD performance;
  • Advise and keep informed of any relevant health and safety matter.
  • Ensure the provision of adequate staff and resources to meet health and safety requirements;
  • Ensure health and safety is a permanent agenda item at regular meetings of all staff and associates;
  • Ensure that JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD activities are conducted in such a way that visitors, contractors, learners and members of the public are not exposed to risks to their safety and health;
  • Ensure that there is adequate relevant insurance cover for all the Company’s activities;
  • Ensure that there is adequate finance provided to ensure implementation of all recommended safety precautions and controls;
  • Provide adequate resources for health and safety training and occupational health service provision as necessary;
  • Support the setup of emergency plans as required.




Managers, Tutors and associates: -


  • Protect the health and safety of employees, learners and associates at work in their areas.
  • Ensure their team members understand the health and safety policy and procedures
  • Promote a healthy and safe working environment and controlling the risk of damage to equipment and products;
  • Ensure learners and others who carry out work or visit jc training & consultancy ltd or provide services adopt similar standards in relation to health and safety when working or visiting.


  • Ensure risk assessments for all activities including fire risk assessments are kept up to date. Ensure all necessary controls and actions arising from risk assessments are implemented and maintained.
  • Communicate regularly with supervisor’s / team leaders to ensure that all health and safety procedures and safe working practices are being followed;
  • Ensure where appropriate accidents, injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences are reported as necessary;
  • Assess company’s activities to determine if further risk assessments and training is required;
  • Control and supervise visitors and contractors while working on jc training & consultancy ltd premises.
    • Ensure that defects in equipment are notified to the appropriate person and equipment is immediately withdrawn from service if appropriate.
  • Identify and assess safety training requirements;
  • Ensure new starters attend induction and ensure that job specific safety requirements are made known by adequate training;
  • Ensure access to all emergency exits, alarm buttons and fire appliances are freely available;
  • Ensure adequate first aid facilities exist;
  • Ensure the highest standards of housekeeping are maintained.




  • Make themselves familiar with the company health and safety policy, safety rules and safety procedures;
  • To take reasonable care of your own health and safety and your fellow employees and any personnel whom may be at risk by what you do, or don’t do in the course of your work;
  • Co-operate with your employer, observe company safety rules and follow safe working practices at all times;
  • Co-operate with the company in the implementation and compliance with statutory requirements;
  • Not intentionally or recklessly misuse or interfere with anything provided by the company in the interests of health and safety;
  • Report all accidents, incidents or ‘near misses’ to their immediate manager;
  • Report to your supervisor if something happens that might affect your ability to work (e.g. Becoming pregnant or suffering an injury);



All employees or associates who have initial contact with learners should ensure the learner has received a copy of the Learner handbook and understands the health and safety policy. 






  • Follow working procedures at all times, not endangering themselves or others
  • Follow the health and safety policies of their employer whilst on work premises
  • Comply with safety instructions and codes of practice issued to them
  • Inform an JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD representative or their line manager of any accident or hazardous situation which comes to their notice. Report to Hollie Lacey, Operations Director,
  • Learners that become absent or ill from work must notify JC Training & Consultancy on the reporting lines of communication to ensure safeguarding and support is provided.






Employees receive information, instruction and training as required for the nature of the works they carry out.



6.1 Visitors

JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD ensures that all reasonable measures are taken to safeguard visitors and learners on the premises and communicate any works, or procedures that may affect them. 


6.2 Induction

Health and safety forms an integral part of the induction programme for new employees, associates and learners.  On commencing employment, the Business Operations Manager introduces the company’s safety requirements to employees and associates.  On initial sign up the learner’s workplace is assessed by carrying out an H&S risk assessment and the learner is also asked to complete and individual H&S assessment to check understanding of their employers H&S policies and procedures


6.3 Displaying Safety Notices

The Health and Safety Law Poster and other safety information are displayed on notice boards as appropriate


6.4 Fire Safety & Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Fire safety and emergency evacuation procedures are in place and communicated to all employers, associates, learners and visitors and adequate notices are displayed.


6.5 Accident Investigation and 'RIDDOR' Reporting

All incident and accidents are reported in accordance with HSE regulations and RIDDOR regulations are complied with and all accidents are reported and investigated, to ensure corrective action is implemented. 


6.6 First Aid Provision

JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD are committed to having a sufficient number of trained occupational first aiders and first aid supplies in each workplace.  This information is displayed as appropriate.


6.7 Use of Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

It is the policy of JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD that all VDU ‘users’ who use a computer for a significant part of the day (usually for an hour or more at a time) be assessed. The process and procedure for DSE / VDU workstation assessments is available from the Business Operations Manager.


6.8 Manual Handling Operations

Manual handling should be avoided where reasonable practicable.  Employees are not permitted to carry out any manual handling task without attending training and a risk assessment carried out.


6.9 Lone Working

JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD ensure adequate monitoring of lone workers and details of this are covered in the Employee Handbook. 


6.10 Violence and Stress at Work

JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD investigate any allegation of violence, or stress at work and details of process, are outlined in organisation’s individual policies.


6.11 Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Employees are not permitted to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances during working hours.  Please see company policy for further detailed information.


6.12 Bullying & Harassment

JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD are committed to providing a work environment free of bullying or harassment. JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD will not tolerate any such behaviour and will take appropriate action to resolve any problems that may occur in accordance with procedures outlined in the policy.


6.13 Workplace Environment

 JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD ensures provision of sufficient and suitable lighting, workspace and that comfortable working temperatures are maintained.  Drinking water and suitable welfare facilities are available at each workplace i.e.  sanitary conveniences and washing facilities.   All work areas are kept clean, free from hazards to prevent slip, trip & falls. 


6.14 Electrical Safety

JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD ensure all electrical equipment is suitable for the work and way in which it is used.  All electrical equipment is maintained and checked, to ensure it’s in good condition. 


6.15 Work Equipment

Work equipment will be subject to inspection and safe systems of work as required by current legislation, or manufacturers recommendations, and will be supplied fit for purpose. They will only be operated by employees with suitable instruction, training, supervision and for the purpose for which they have been manufactured.


Employees are not permitted to override, modify or otherwise interfere with any part of the equipment.





7.1       Health and Safety Inspections

JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD ensure adequate health and safety inspections are carried out and actions are appropriately investigated and measures put in place to rectify issues.


7.2       Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are carried out as necessary, with operations and workplaces risk assessed.  Hazards are identified, risks assessed and controls implemented as required.  Employees are made aware of the risk assessments relevant to their work activities and of any additional risks arising in connection with their work. Copies of risk assessments are stored and reviewed where:

(a) There has been significant change in the matters to which it relates, or

(b) There is another reason to believe that it is no longer valid, e.g. new legislation,

following an accident, introduction of a new process, etc.


Disability and new or expectant mothers risk assessments shall be developed where necessary to ensure JC TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LTD provide suitable arrangements, working procedures and conditions to those personnel.



This policy will be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis, to ensure that it meets the needs of the business and to ensure compliance with relevant legislation.


This policy does not form part of your contract of employment.




Appendix I


List of Applicable Legislation


JCT will endeavour to ensure compliance with the following legislation;


Please note this is not an exhaustive list;

Health and Safety Act 1974

Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations

Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

First Aid at Work Regulations

The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations

Display Screen Equipment Regulations

The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations


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