As part of your training and development, JC Training & Consultancy tailor their delivery approach to your individual learning style from beginning your Apprenticeship through to achievement. 

Our tutors have a wealth of knowledge, skills and behaviours within their industry to enable them to support, develop and progress from your current skills through to the very best standards expected within your chosen industry.

Once you have inducted onto your Apprenticeship program, you, your tutor and employer will agree the best possible teaching and learning methods suited to develop your skills and maximise the training. This will be planned as part of your individual learning plan that is a working document that is updated and captures your learning and progression throughout. 

On and Off The Job training will be planned, agreed and set between all involved that will allow a natural and blended approach to the knowledge, skills and behaviour you will gain. 

As an Apprentice, you will have an online portfolio to submit and showcase your very best work that is produced based on SMART targets set and agreed with your tutor to which will demonstrate your skills and knowledge developed over a period of time. As part of this, it will support you in taking responsibility for your learning and progression within the Apprenticeship, preparing readiness for End Point Assessment (standards) and final achievement (frameworks)

Each month, your tutor will visit the setting to support and develop your skills and will tailor their teaching and learning methods through workshops, one to one teaching and learning, classroom and practical application.

Throughout, your tutor will be accessible to support you in between visits, remotely using and utilising technology to help you to achieve.

Regular reviews with you and your employer will take place along with feedback to enhance your experience, build confidence and understanding of reflection that will enable you to stretch and challenge yourself to build upon your new and existing skills, enhance through your own learning and maximising your experience to achieve both within the Apprenticeship but also your career and occupation.


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