Apprenticeships..... The way Forward....

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At JC Training & Consultancy, we  tailor packages to meet your organisational aims with employee development through effective planning in specific key areas and vocational requirements, making sure that your employees develop their skills and knowledge that will enable them to implement within the organisation.

Some of the qualifications include:

  • Team Leading
  • Leadership &Management
  • Customer Service
  • Business & Administration
  • Sales
  • Retail & Retail Management 
  • Warehouse & Logistics
  • Childcare
  • Construction 

Key areas that each and every business will require for effective implementation of short and long term plans and goals

How Do Apprenticeships Work?

ERR - Employment Rights & Responsibilities is part of the programme to allow candidates to gain the underpinning knowledge of:

*Policies & Procedures

*Contracts of Employment

*Legislation and Rules relating to industry


Personal, Learning & Thinking Skills allows each candidate to understand the importance of becoming a valuable and important member of the workforce whilst gaining the skills to become an effective team member, self manager, effective participator, a reflective learner, a creative thinker, and an independent enquirer. All skills that are needed within any business structure to standardise best practices and enable growth for the employer and the employee.

Functional Skills  - Functional skills includes Maths, English Reading and Writing and ICT (selected programmes only).

This allows each candidate to gain the vital skills needed to perform all business activities from letter writing, communication in writing through to calculating costs to the business and customer. By completing the apprenticeship programme suitable to their role, the candidate will gain all of these skills needed to maximise their efficiency, understanding and skills in meeting needs of the business and the client. All Functional Skills are delivered on site and planned with the employer.

QCF -(Competency & Knowledge)

This is the programme core of gaining the underpinning knowledge, skills and abilities through effective training and development that is planned with the employer and the candidate to ensure effectiveness and relevance to role and industry. A dedicated and sector specialist will deliver the training on site through:

Effective planning, teaching, learning and reflection within assessment methods of:


*Identifying relevant, valid and authentic product evidence 

*Professional Discussions


*Witness Testimonies

Designed for your Business

Here at JC Training & Consultancy,we design, create and deliver, work based training packages.
Individuals can gain Nationally recognised qualifications and you can utilise the Apprenticeship Framework to train new employees or up-skill your existing workforce through funded programmes.

Let's face it, offering the correct training to your Team can be a real challenge.  Our professional and skilled team have the experience and knowledge to get you what you need.
All of our courses are carefully constructed and produced to an extremely high standard, allowing us to meet the demands of your industry, today.

We design and deliver tailor made work based training packages. Individuals can gain nationally recognised qualifications and you can use the Apprenticeship work-frame to train new employees and up skill an existing workforce