Business and Administration

This qualification is designed for people who are involved in Business and Administration as their primary work activity. It covers the skills needed to excel in the varied and challenging environment working in administration presents. It covers everything from answering telephones to maintaining databases. The qualification gives the opportunity to gain recognition of their skills and experience in Business and Administration performance. The aim of the qualification is to contribute to the skills, knowledge and overall performance within Business and Administration. It provides an insight into more advanced principles and processes of Business and Administration and will aid further career development. Ideal if you wish to further increase your performance, productivity and supervisory skills.


Course Overview

As an Apprentice on the Business Administration Apprenticeship, your employer will train you to use all office equipment. This will include office equipment such as the telephone, photocopier and computer. Part of the Apprenticeship will include how to work as part of a team and plan and organise your work. You will gain other industry knowledge such as health and safety. You will need to be committed and well presented because companies have high-quality standards.

These Apprenticeships have been designed to reflect the current and future needs of employers. The Apprenticeship also provides opportunities for research, analysis and original thought. 

The Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship will help you gain practical know-how in providing routine and more complex administrative support. It will focus on enhanced skills requiring some professional responsibility such as event support.

The Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship will develop a more comprehensive range of business skills. These will include things like team supervision and also project management.

The Level 4 Business Administration Apprenticeship will enable you to gain generic and specific management and technical skills. These will be appropriate to your field or aspirations. The Apprenticeship is competence based and focuses on organisational strategy. This is good for those who may lead or manage a team or wish to move on to that role.

What will I achieve?

As a young person with little or no experience in the industry, you will start at the Intermediate level. When you have completed the Apprenticeship you have the option to progress on to the next level.

Intermediate Level Apprenticeship:

• Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Business Administration
• Functional Skills Level 1
• Personal Learning and Thinking Skills

Advanced Level Apprenticeship:

• Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Business Administration
• Functional Skills Level 2
• Personal Learning and Thinking Skills

Higher Level Apprenticeship:

• Level 4 Diploma in Business & Professional Administration
• Knowledge based Level 4 Diploma in Principles of Business Administration
• Functional Skills Level 2

What training will I receive?

There will be no need to attend college as you will be assessed in the workplace. Your tutor will come out to visit you at your place of work every 4 - 6 weeks. 



Business & Administration Qualifications: Overview of Possible Combinations

Understand employer organisations

Communication in a business environment

Principles of providing administrative services

Manage personal performance and development

Develop working relationships with colleagues

Principles of business document production and information management

Meet and welcome visitors in a business environment

Administer the recruitment and selection process

Contribute to the development and implementation of an information system

Health and safety in a business environment

Handle mail

Organise business travel or accommodation

Monitor information systems

Provide reception services

Provide administrative support for meetings

Use and maintain office equipment

Use a telephone and voicemail system

Prepare text from notes using touch typing

Develop a presentation

Manage diary systems

Collate and report data

Contribute to the organisation of an event

Employee rights and responsibilities

Prepare text from shorthand

Buddy a colleague to develop their skills

Deliver a presentation

Analyse and present business data

Store and retrieve information

Administer parking dispensations

Administer finance

Prepare text from recorded audio instruction

Archive information

Administer human resource records

Produce business documents

Produce minutes of meetings

Maintain and issue stationery and supplies

Deliver customer service

Bespoke Software

Spreadsheet Software

Participate in a project

Processing customer’s financial transactions

Data Management Software

Using Email

Presentation Software

Word Processing Software

Website Software

Process information about customers

Payroll Processing

Develop customer relationships

Understand the use of research in business

Principles of marketing theory

Principles of digital marketing

Understand the legal context of business

Exploring Social Media

Principles of equality and diversity in the workplace

Principles of customer relationships

Understand the safe use of online and social media platforms

Understand working in a customer service environment

Know how to publish, integrate and share using social media

Principles of team leading



Have you ever had to identify and fulfil your personal and professional development needs?

Do you understand the employer’s expectations and employees rights and responsibilities?

How often do you allocate time to get involved in resolving business issues?

How often do you support individuals to resolve administrative problems?

Do you understand the principles and importance of ‘Brand’ in customer service relationships?

Do you identify opportunities for implementation and monitoring of information systems within a business environment?

Do you gather, store, and manage information on behalf of the team and recommend improvements?

How often do you contribute or participate in a project or the organisation of an event?

How often do you collaborate and buddy colleagues within other departments, to understand customers and their needs?

Do you provide administrative support for the organisation and team members in meetings?