About Us

JC Training & Consultancy Ltd is here to support you in your training and development of new and existing workforce to standardise working practices to the best ability and to provide the knowledge and skills to enable organisational structure to become streamlined within industry and sector requirements that will promote growth within sector.

Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated specialist team who provide the consistent, robust and bespoke service to all clients in order to create an inclusive learning environment, challenging current abilities and understanding to allow growth within then chosen industry that enables improved performance, prospect and achievement  We pride ourselves in meeting client requirements and building professional relationships to support your future growth.


Services are tailored to your bespoke requirements from Business Management through to employee development and improvements and effective plans made to suit your organisational needs. Training and development is available through bespoke courses tailored to organisational requirements, refresher training and Apprenticeships that enable the underpinning knowledge of the industry and role to be understood and implemented through practical skills within the workforce.

JC Training do not offer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ training plan , we will develop a bespoke package of support enabling you to focus on high quality training to your learners and to help you develop your organisation. The tailoring of our learning solutions requires us to fully understand what you as an employer are looking for in your workforce. After we have listened we will map your talent planning to apprenticeship standards, higher levels skills and develop a bespoke training plan that delivers what matters to you. As a training provider coming in to your organisation we would devise a delivery plan that works flexibly to suit your needs. At the heart of JC Training is its Management and Delivery Team who strive to make a difference in the careers and progression