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Onboarding Process


Stage 1: Employer Engagement
- Organisational Needs Analysis

- Offer of Recruit An Apprentice (if applicable)

- Digital Apprenticeship Service Account Correlation
- Employer Needs & Training Plan Confirmation

Stage 2: Apprentice & Employer Alignment For Apprenticeship 

- Information, Advice & Guidance 

- Apprenticeship Agreement 

- Training Plan

Stage 3: Full Onboarding 
Onboarding and planned start date for the Apprenticeship including an overview of:

- Apprentice Skill Scan

- Apprentice Initial Assessments to determine stated & unstated needs
- The entirety of the Apprenticeship
- Delivery Methods
- Introduction & Overview of the tutor 
- Resources
- Online Portfolios 

Stage 4: Start Date of Apprenticeship

- Meet With Tutor

- Complete Teaching & Learning of Modules Planned Within Training Plan

- Set Expectations & Aspirations Within Review Cycle As Starting Point To Enact Apprentice Learner Journey 

Information, Advice & Guidance 

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